Ancient and primitive art have been a strong influence over the years.
In some works there is a three dimensional aspect, the use of weaving,
resin, carved timber and steel have been employed.
The sculptures and paintings are closely connected, often with
sculptures being directly inspired from a painting.
For example 'Duel' inspired the series of steel heads

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X-Marama  Marama


x-Marat  Marat


x-Maratwood  Marat Wood


x-MaratBlue  Marat Blue


X-Cypher  Cypher


X-Beneath1  Beneath


x-Bathe  Bathe


x-Tablets  Tablets


x-Birth  Birth


X-McNaught1  McNaught


x-Plucking  Plucking the Strings


X-Connected  Connected


x-Pablo  Pablo


X-Picassos Woman 2  Picasso’s Woman 2


X-Duel   Duel


X-Burnished   Burnished


X-Incident  Incident




X-Helios  Helios


X-The Magicians  The Magicians


X-Mask  Mask


X-Gathering  Gathering


X-Ambush  Ambush


X-Path   Path


X-Doll  Doll


X-Code  Code


X-Bottle  Bottle


X-Dragon-01  Dragon


 X-Birth-01  Birth


X-Nile1-01  Nile 1


X-Nile2-01  Nile 2


 X-History-01  History


 Fish-8  Fish-8